The Biden Administration Has Implemented Catch-and-Release Without Court Dates for Illegal Aliens Claiming Asylum, Says Border Patrol Official

An exclusive report claims that the Biden administration is releasing illegal aliens into the country without setting dates to appear in immigration court, according to a high-ranking Border Patrol official.

Breitbart published the report Sunday, and the official spoke to them anonymously because he is not authorized to speak about such matters publicly.

This is insane, it is another pull factor that will overwhelm us,” he said. “We are creating another entirely different class of aliens we will have to deal with years from now. We will never find most of these aliens once they are released.”

This catch-and-release plan pertains to illegal aliens claiming asylum. On Saturday Fox News reported on the discussion of the plan, saying that it would release migrants without issuing a Notice to Appear (NTA). Their source, potentially the same one who spoke to Breitbart on Sunday, told Fox News that the plan is directly connected to the nearly unmanageable influx of people crossing the US-Mexico border.

[The situation] has become so dire that [Border Patrol] has no choice but to release people nearly immediately after apprehension because there is no space to hold people even to do necessary NTA paperwork,” he said.

Breitbart reports that the process, implemented Sunday morning, relies on the migrants telling officials what city they will be traveling to. Border Patrol officials will then ask them to “report to the nearest immigration court office when they arrive,” relying on a sort of honors’ system rather than giving them a formal NTA.

But the anonymous Border Patrol source states that even if these migrants do appear in court, it will be difficult to process them given the backlog of individuals and minimal staffing. And because they won’t have NTAs, the court cannot order the removal of migrants in absentia for failing to appear on their specified court date.

This is quite the vicious cycle: the process has been implemented to deal with the influx of illegal aliens, yet it encourages more of them to come. And the more they come, the more overwhelmed the Border Patrol will be. It will likely get worse before it gets better.

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