The Biden Federal Housing Administration is Now Guaranteeing Mortgages for Illegal Aliens with DACA Status

“Dreamers” will have an easier time receiving home loans from the Biden administration. According to James Fulford of VDARE, the “Dreamers” — illegal aliens whose illegal parents allegedly brought them stateside when they were children — will now be eligible for home loan applications thanks to a change in FHA policy that was brought about right before President Joe Biden took office.

Juan Carlos Chavez of The Tampa Bay Times noted that the sudden shift in policy “reflects a contrast in approaches toward immigration by the Biden and Trump administrations.”

The previous Trump administration did make genuine efforts to restrict immigration and get rid of DACA. Chavez noted that “Dreamers did not qualify for home loans because of how the FHA interpreted a 2003 passage from its Single Family Housing Handbook: “Non-US citizens without lawful residence in the United States are not eligible for FHA-insured mortgages.””

But with Biden at the helm FHA policy has changed significantly, which Chavez outlined:

Now, the agency takes a different view of “lawful residency,” saying on its latest forms that the handbook “did not anticipate a situation in which a borrower might not have entered the country legally, but nevertheless be considered lawfully present.”

The federal government backs FHA mortgages, which makes it easier for middle-class and lower-income people to acquire a home. Because of the government guarantee, banks and financial institutions are much more keen on extending FHA loans to families who have lower credit scores or who make smaller down payments, which go as low as 3.5%.

Ultimately DACA needs to be scrapped. Because as long as its exists, bureaucrats at the FHA will always find ways to use taxpayer dollars to advance their social engineering projects. That’s what happens when you have open border policies coupled with programs financed by other people’s money. 

The Trump administration sadly did not repeal this program, but Trump himself should make it a key part of his re-election campaign to end this program. In addition, his campaign should concurrently push candidates at the congressional level who vow to eliminate DACA and clamp down on all forms of immigration for that matter.

Those who care about preserving U.S. republican institutions and a functional social order should not shy away from immigration patriotism whatsoever. The current crisis festering on our border serves as a reminder why the immigration question isn’t going away and must be addressed. 

If the GOP doesn’t want to get electorally trounced by demographics, it should actually start promoting candidates who are interested in undertaking legislative efforts to address the matter. Independent of that, the America First faction of the GOP must continue pressing hard on immigration, to the point where immigration restriction becomes a normal part of Republican discourse and legislative agendas.

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