The Biden Regime Bullies Bernie Sanders Into Withdrawing Yemen War Powers Resolution Vote

On December 13, 2022, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders withdrew his request to vote on the Yemen War Powers Resolution. As Dave DeCamp reported that this resolution would terminate US support directed towards Saudi Arabia’ and its coalition’s war on Yemen. 

On the Senate floor, Sanders said he was notified prior to the scheduled vote of the Biden regime’s opposition to resolution. In other words, President Joe Biden would have vetoed the resolution if it reached his desk. 

According to an The Intercept report, the Biden regime was pressuring senators to vote “nay” on the bill. Earlier on December 13, Democrats began to publicly oppose Sanders’ legislation. 

Sanders’ rationale for not following through with the vote was that the Biden regime would cooperate with Congress to wrap up the war in Yemen. He asserted that the Biden regime wanted to “work with us on crafting language that would be mutually acceptable” and stressed that if that didn’t happen, he would continue his efforts to end the war through a resolution.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and Utah Senator Mike Lee publicly supported the resolution to end the Yemeni War. In the case of the US House, a similar resolution was introduced and has picked up 118 cosponsors, which included 10 Republicans. 

After the Yemeni Civil War kicked off in 2014, the conflict has taken a nasty turn. The Saudi government, which has gone to great lengths to bring the government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi back to power, has been resoundingly condemned by international observers  for carrying out indiscriminate airstrikes that have slaughtered an alarming number of civilians. The US government has provided significant amounts of arms and intel to the Saudis throughout this conflict. 

Iran has even been rumored to have provided munitions to the Houthis in the more recent stages of this conflict. The current conflict in Yemen has offered Iran a golden geopolitical opportunity to make the Saudis — its principal Islamic rival in the Middle East — sweat.

Per UN estimates, at least 377,000 people have died in the Yemeni conflict at the conclusion of 2021. Apart from the atrocities taking place in this conflict, there’s no pressing US interest at stake in Yemen. It’s laughable to even suggest that Yemen poses a threat to the US. 

All in all, this is just one of many geopolitical boondoggles that the national security establishment wants to get the US involved in so that defense contractors pockets continued to be filled and foreign policy think tank wonks can continue lecturing the public about the benefits of remaking the entire world in America’s dysfunctional image. 

This is what America Last foreign policy looks like. Full stop.

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