The Biden Regime Continues Calling on Big Tech to Censor “Hate”

In the era of Big Tech electoral interference, it’s inevitable that the government will be putting pressure on the Big Tech companies to carry out censorship.  

The Biden regime has been particularly energetic about pressuring these companies to police online discourse. According to Didi Rankovic of Reclaim the Net,  President Joe Biden has been pressuring them to stop the spread “of hate and fueling of violence.”

At an event titled ”United We Stand” that was held on September 15, 2022, Joe Biden organized a summit with the aim of fighting “hate-based violence” that allegedly targets minorities or religious groups.

During this speech, Biden called for the repeal of Section 230, which he believes grants special immunities to social media companies. 

“And I’m calling on Congress to get rid of special immunity for social media companies and impose much stronger transparency requirements on all of them,” declared Biden.

This speech came following the White House’s announcement that Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch were updating their rules to fight “hateful rhetoric” which is treated as violent extremism online.

YouTube revealed that it will add videos classified as “extremist” to its long list of content that’s on deck for censorship.  The extremist label applies to content that glorifies violence with the aim to “inspire others or fundraise or recruit.” This censorship will take place even if the groups in question are not designated as terrorist organizations.

YouTube also promised to launch an educational media literacy campaign directed at the youth. The aim of this campaign is to teach young users how to recognize misinformation and manipulation by identifying “emotional language” and “cherry picking information.” 

Twitch is in preparation of releasing a new tool that is supposed to confront “hate and harassment” by enabling  communities and streamers to “further individualize the safety experience of their channels.” In addition, Twitch is rolling out initiatives that are supposedly designed to help communities identify misinformation, and “deter hateful violence.”

Microsoft revealed that it would insert “online safety education” into Minecraft through an “Education Edition” of the game. In addition, it would implement violence detection and prevention “AI” and machine learning. 

But that’s not all. Microsoft plans to sell “a basic, more affordable” version of these to schools and other institutions. 

On Facebook’s part, it has forged ahead with a research partnership with the Middlebury Institute of International Studies’ Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism.

The goal of this partnership consists of analyzing violent extremism trends in addition to the tools that “help communities combat it.” On top of that, Facebook is partnering with Search For Common Ground — an American NGO. This project will allow for Facebook’s “community-based partners” to receive training and skill building programs in order to fight “hate-fueled violence.” 

Big Tech is clearly in bed with the regime. We’re at a stage in the country’s history where there’s no meaningful difference between the public and private sector when it comes to tech entities. More often than not, this relationship is useful for the regime, which is constitutionally limited in its ability to carry out censorship. In turn, the government outsources the censorship function to private companies.  

This unholy alliance between Big Tech and Big Government has to be broken up. Realizing such a goal requires the Right to abandon classical liberal priors and recognize the valid role the state has in dishing out punishment to entities and individuals who undermine the nation.

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