The Biden Regime is Begging Congress to Approve a $13.7 Billion Handout to Ukraine

Last week, the Biden regime requested Congress to green light an additional $13.7 billion that would be allocated towards Ukraine. According to Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge, this spending proposal would be a “part of a short-term funding bill.”

This proposal consists of $11.7 billion additional “security and economic assistance” for Ukraine and $2 billion to bolster domestic energy supplies that have largely been disrupted by Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

Of the $11.7 billion, $4.5 billion will be allocated towards military gear and the replenishment of Defense Department stockpiles. Another $2.7 billion will be dedicated towards “defense and intelligence” for Ukraine. $4.5 billion will assist in providing budgetary support for Ukraine’s government.

Of the $2 billion that’s dealing with the strengthening of the energy sector, $1.5 of it will be allocated towards uranium to fuel nuclear reactors, and $500 million is being used to modernize the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

“We have rallied the world to support the people of Ukraine to defend their democracy and we simply cannot allow that support to Ukraine to run dry,” a Biden regime official said to reporters on September 2.

BLP previously reported on the orgy of economic and military aid provided to Ukraine in its fight with Russia. The whole goal here is to drag Russia into a quagmire with Ukraine. Essentially, have the Ukrainian government fight Russia to the last Ukrainian, while also sanctioning Russia to the last working-class European with 5 euros in their pocket.

The end result will be a geopolitical disaster that will end badly for all parties involved. If the West had any statesmen worth a damn, it would try to pursue a negotiated settlement between Russia and Ukraine that recognizes Russia’s security concerns and preserves some semblance of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

Sadly, there isn’t much in the way of high-level geopolitical thinking in DC, London, and Brussels these days. As a result, countless Ukrainians will go through needless suffering.

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