The Biden Regime is Sued for Persecuting Gun Owners Sellers 

On October 19, 2022,  the Texas Public Policy Foundation field a lawsuit against the Biden regime’s alleged abuses of the 1968 Gun Control Act.

Specifically, TPPF cited the Biden regime’s use of paperwork mistakes to revoke gun dealers’ licenses as the primary motivator for their lawsuit against it. 

Starting in 2021, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) proceeded to revoke dealer licenses for simply making firearm transaction paperwork errors that allegedly violated the Act.

The only time licenses can be revoked, under the law, is for “willful” violations. The plaintiffs include Michael Cargill and his company Central Texas Gun Works (CTGW) who arguing on behalf of their consumers, per a report by the Daily Caller. 

This controversial ATF measure came about after the Biden regime rolled out its “crime prevention” and “public safety” strategy in June 2021. Part of this plan included a memorandum instructing ATF agents and directors that license revocation measures could be initiated for simple 

Gun Control Act violations, per the lawsuit. License revocations have reportedly increased by 500%.

“In most of these instances, these are not people who transferred a gun to a prohibited purchaser,” TPPF Center for the American Future Senior Attorney Matt Miller said to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “In other words, they didn’t give a gun to a criminal, or to a kid. They just committed simple paperwork violations, and the administration is now using that to revoke these licenses.”

The last time the ATF reviewed CTGW was back in 2018, where it discovered a 0.5% error rate in 35 of the company’s transactions, which never even had a gun getting into the hands of criminals, per the lawsuit’s report. The lawsuit contended that the ATF’s enforcement policy means “accidental typos and other minor paperwork errors could cost business owners their livelihoods.”

“It’s kind of typical of what you see with this administration, where, it wasn’t like there was any law that was passed that they’re going out and enforcing,” Miller declared. He alluded to the Biden regime’s actions over rules connected to the Wuhan virus pandemic. “They’re dusting off these old laws, cleverly reinterpreting them, and then using them to advance administration policy agendas and initiatives.”

The ATF is an unconstitutional and unholy agency that must be abolished. Any conservative individual or organization that does not support this position should not be trusted.

Half-measures will simply not cut it in these times of massive political upheaval.

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