The Border is in Chaos, But Jared Kushner Has Other Immigration Priorities

Jared Kushner continues his plans to derail President Trump’s border security measures.

Even after Trump has secured $1 billion for wall funding and has threatened to shut down the southern border, Kushner is working to sneak in a plan that would bring greater legal immigration to the U.S.

According to POLITICO, Kushner has been working for months on an immigration proposal that would increase the number of workers, both low- and high-skilled, into the country.

Despite Trump’s originally tough rhetoric on illegal immigration, he entertained the idea of bringing in more legal migrants during CPAC, which got him significant criticism from the likes of political commentators such as Lou Dobbs and Michelle Malkin.

These efforts to expand legal immigration reportedly started in January when Kushner gathered various interest groups in the business and agricultural communities to discuss immigration reform. A good portion of them supported the expansion of legal immigration.

Some immigration hawks fear that Trump is falling for Big Business’s influence. RJ Hauman, government relations director at the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), stated “The president must remember that he was elected to implement an immigration system that serves national interests, not business interests.”

In a BLP report last month, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC was one of the few groups to expose Kushner’s latest immigration expansion plot. Now other groups are starting to become aware of this backdoor immigration expansion scheme.

Jessica Vaughan, the Director of Policy Studies Center for Immigration Studies, raised concerns about the Trump administration’s focus on legal immigration rather than tackling the crisis at the border:

They should be 100 percent on fixing the border crisis and not on other parts of the immigration system.

GOP voters will likely be worried about Kushner’s growing policy influence in the Trump administration.

After all, as BLP reported, tackling immigration is the number #1 issue for GOP voters.

Across the pond, the Trump administration being one-upped by European stalwarts like Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. European populists know firsthand what the socio-economic effects of mass migration are like.

Instead of suffering the same no-go zone fate that has befallen countries like Germany and the U.K., Salvini has put the clamps on illegal immigration.

For Trump to keep the America First base on his side, his will likely have to keep Jared Kushner’s policymaking influence to a minimum.


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