The Chinese Communist Party is Infiltrating American Universities and Buying Off Tons of American Professors

Is China infiltrating America’s university system?

According to a Wall Street Journal report by Aruna Viswanatha and Kate O’Keeffe, China has deeply penetrated U.S. universities.

The Texas A&M University System discovered that the Chinese government was funding more than 100 of its faculty members.

The A&M staff were involved in a Chinese talent-recruitment program, although 5 of these faculty members revealed their involvement.

A plant pathologist at the Texas system, informed officials that the researchers received an offer of $250,000 in compensation and more than $1 million in seed money to start a lab in China by joining one of its talent programs.

The researcher ended up rejecting the offer.

The recent arrest of a renowned Harvard University professor earlier this week for allegedly hiding more than $2 million in Chinese funding demonstrated how determined the Chinese are in poaching talent from America.

This funding only scratches the surface. Ten years ago the Chinese government vowed to spend over $2 trillion to stop a prolonged brain drain to the developed world. This is designed to dominate the technology sector in the future.

According to Kevin Gamache, the Texas system’s leading research security officer, all of the targeted researchers in the Texas A&M system are employed in fields that Beijing identifies as strategic priorities for scientific advancement. “We don’t see the same offers for English majors,” Gamache said.

Beijing has denied any effort to steal U.S. scientific research. Chinese state media argues that the U.S. is using intellectual-property theft accusations for political purposes.

Charles Lieber purportedly signed a contract with Chinese partners where he was being paid $50,000 monthly, on top of $150,000 annually for personal expenses.

Lieber received more than $1.5 million to set up a research lab at the Wuhan University of Technology, according to prosecutors.

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