The Chinese Communist Party is Scared of American Populism

In an article at China Central Television, CCP mouthpieces attacked Steve Bannon and the American populist movement.

Bannon has made a name for himself in his attacks against China during the last several years. He has recently taken the CCP to task for its mishandling of the Wuhan virus and demanded that it “be held financially accountable for the pandemic.”

The outlet described Bannon as “ultra-right” and claimed that his “remarks ignore the facts and international law, attempting to shift the blame onto China as U.S. infections surpass a million and its economy experiences the sharpest downturn since the 2008 financial crisis.”

Bannon was accused by CCTV of holding “aggressive far-right political views, regularly advocating racism and xenophobia.”

It added that “Bannon has continued to frame China as the major “threat to America” in a desperate attempt to salvage his doomed political career.”

CCTV insisted that China has behaved well throughout this pandemic:

Despite the far-right agitator’s attempt to blackmail China and turn the international community against it, his nonsense will not alter the facts. Since the coronavirus outbreak, China has dutifully reported the situation to the World Health Organization, shared the virus’ genetic sequencing as soon as it became available, and immediately engaged in international cooperation with experts.

The state-owned outlet then concluded:

U.S. citizens should realize that if they become sidetracked by people like Bannon, they could lose control of their prevention and control work, throwing the country’s future into turmoil. The biggest threat facing the U.S. is not the new virus, but rather right-wing populists who are intent on creating trouble with their strain of political virus.

Soon users on Twitter commented on the content of this article.

Journalist Jack Posobiec tweeted, “BREAKING: The Chinese media has just admitted they are terrified of Steve Bannon and American Trump-supporting populists and dubbed us ‘the biggest threat’ They’re terrified.”

American populism is the response to China’s rise as a superpower.

Its ascent has largely been enabled by the globalist class’ fetish for open borders and free trade with the authoritarian country.

China is a nuclear power and won’t fall via neoconservative regime change.

But it’s behavior can be changed through the smart use of soft power such as tariffs and immigration restriction.

Let’s see if D.C. is willing to embrace this challenge.

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