The Corporate Press is Coming to the Realization that the US’s Proxy War with Russia isn’t Going So Well

To progress as a society, we must be willing to accept uncomfortable truths. Societies that are incapable of this are not long for this world. 

This is particularly relevant when talking about the present Russo-Ukrainian War which has showcased the ruling class’s complete departure from reality. 

In a May 30 episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report titled “Mainstream Media Grudgingly Admits Truth: Ukraine War Is A Disaster”, former Congressman Ron Paul and Ron Paul Institute Executive Director Daniel McAdams discussed some uncomfortable truths about the proxy war against Russia the United States Deep State is trying to prolong in Ukraine.

Now, however, the mainstream press is “grudgingly” admitting  “what people like Colonel Douglas Macgregor, Larry Johnson, and many others with actual military experience have said all along… which is that this war was lost from day one.”

McAdams boldly proclaimed that media narratives of “plucky” Ukrainians “defending their democracy was BS.” He added that this proxy war is “all about selling weapons.” 

Paul declared that the military-industrial complex is what “motivates all the spending.”

The former Congressman noted that even the Heritage Foundation is getting “cautious” about sending economic and military aid, citing a ZeroHedge article titled “Historically Hawkish Heritage Hits The Brakes On Ukraine Aid.” Heritage isn’t exactly getting “red-pilled” on the merits of non-interventionism. It’s just that the US’s current economic situation coupled with the rise of China — the national security establishment’s primary adversary — are compelling several factions of the Deep State to reconsider the US’s Russia policy.

McAdams also called attention to how the US’s sanctions policies against Russia have been “backfiring” as evidenced by Russia sending record amounts of oil exports to India and China. The RPI Executive Director added that sanctions have

drove “the price of oil through the roof.” Moreover, McAdams quipped that the “US and EU are financing the Russian war against Ukraine” by continuing this sanctions war. 

With Russia looking like it’s going to come out on top, albeit with a great cost in terms of blood and treasure, it’s high time that American statesmen start exercising realism and stop trying to escalate tensions in this conflict zone. If the US is not willing to play a productive role in reaching a negotiated settlement with Russia, it should cut its losses and exit this conflict altogether. 

Ultimately, the Russo-Ukrainian War is a European affair that European countries should handle. These are developed countries, after all. They should be able to step up to the plate and draw up a solution to this crisis. 

The US should always heed the wisdom of its Founding Fathers and recognize the importance of avoiding entangling alliances, especially those on the Old Continent.

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