The Daily Beast Calls Black Trump Supporters White Supremacists

The fake news media wants you to believe there are racists around every corner. And when they can’t find enough racists, they simply make them up.

That’s exactly what the Daily Beast has done with a number of black, Latino, and Asian Trump supporters.

A recent article on their site titled “Why Young Men of Color Are Joining White-Supremacist Groups,” rants about young minority men joining supposed “white supremacist groups.” The two groups being specifically targeted being Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer.

Both the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer allow members of all races, and hold anti-racist views, making their white supremacy claim laughable. But that doesn’t matter to the left. To them anybody to the right of Hillary Clinton is a racist, sexist, homophobic bigot.

Attacks from the Daily Beast against the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer aren’t new, but have been ramping up in recent months. That increase is likely due to the hiring of the loser wannabe reporter Will Sommer, whose entire job is based around tracking right wing media – at least when he’s not watching Jake Paul videos on YouTube.

But this specific attack on black Trump supporters is a new level of hysteria. The article’s title is so over-the-top that a Senior Research Fellow at the left-wing Anti-Defamation League rebuked it on Twitter.

The first person in the article targeted is a man named Enrique Tarrio, who is a Cuban man with black heritage. Growing up as the child of immigrant parents, he did not have the advantages or “privilege” that leftists love to attack people on the right over.

Despite that, he has successfully built his own business, and lives a comfortable life. It was those experiences that made him into a conservative, and what drew him to join the conservative men’s fraternity known as the Proud Boys.

It is also what drew him to join in a recent Patriot Prayer event in Portland, Oregon. The event was a rally in support of free speech, which is one in a series of recent events, some of which delved into violence due to actions from left-wing radicals in antifa groups.

In the article, they attempt to paint him as a racist affiliating with white supremacists. Big League Politics reached out to Tarrio, who called those claims ridiculous, instead blasting the left as racists.

“In my entire time at the recent Portland rally, I never once experienced racism on the right side,” Tarrio said. “But there were multiple occasions that I was called a n****r, an Uncle Tom, coon, and every other racist term in the book from the left.”

Despite the attacks received from the left, Tarrio wants to make clear that he isn’t a victim.

“It’s their freedom to call me whatever they want, and I’ll defend their right to do so,” he stated.

Along with Tarrio, the Daily Beast blasted Joey Gibson, who leads Patriot Prayer and is half-Japanese.

Gibson’s message is “God and freedom,” and he regularly speaks out against racism. While the article can’t find anything racist Gibson has said, they claim that his “ralliesĀ have attracted neo-Confederates and neo-Nazis.”

They also mention how Gibson describes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as his hero, and then claim that his agenda is the opposite of Dr. King’s without backing up that statement with any substance or sourcing.

This is the left’s agenda in 2018. Everyone they disagree with is a racist in their eyes, and they are willing to say anything to make it seem true.

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