The Daily Caller Defends Sharia Law: It’s “As American As Apple Pie”

In a newly published article, Daily Caller Deputy Editor J. Arthur Bloom uses entirely economic arguments to claim that Sharia Law is “as American as apple pie.”

Bloom first points out the fact that under Sharia Law, the practice of profiting off of lending money (collecting interest) is a sinful activity.

“Let’s start with a basic outline of Islamic finance. Islamic finance is not too different from most moralistic approaches to finance. It views money as a neutral mediator of transactions. For that reason, it views the ability to acquire more money by simply lending money (riba, in Islamic parlance) as a barren and hence sinful activity – it is proclaimed haram (prohibited) under Sharia law.”

This is true, and as Bloom also points out, most religions throughout history have similar views on profiting off of loaned money, including the Catholic Church.

But the thing that separates Islam from other religions is the influence their religion has on public policy. This is due to the fact that Islam is not just a religion, with there being no separation between the religious and the political in the Muslim world.

For this reason, Bloom points out that under Sharia Law, the practice of “equity ownership” is encouraged, resulting in less debt buildup.

But in Bloom’s entire article, he never once mentions the oppressive aspects of Sharia Law.

He doesn’t point out the fact that women are oppressed under Sharia Law, with their testimony being equal to only half that of a man.

(But to be fair, the Daily Caller is known for their mistreatment of women.)

Bloom also doesn’t point out the fact that homosexuality is punishable by death in countries that practice Sharia Law.

BLP reached out to Jacob Engels, a gay conservative activist, who was disgusted by the article.

“The fact that The Daily Caller, which used to be a beacon of hope for conservatives and alternative media is willing to publish trash like this is curious,” Engels told BLP. “One must question if there was financial compensation, or if they just wanted to be edgy. But as a gay American it is abhorrent. What’s next, are they going to write a guide on stoning women, or throwing gays off of buildings?”

BLP reached out to Bloom to ask if The Caller was paid by any outside interest to write the article, and he replied:

“No, but the Koch Brothers’ secret pro-Islam task force offered me a literature professorship in the future Emirate of the United States.”


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