The Defense Department is Looking for $300 Billion to Replenish Depleted Ammunitions Stock Sent to Ukraine

According to a Bloomberg report published on March 11, 2023, the Defense Department is looking for the United States government to dole out over $300 billion for weapons procurement and research and development (R&D) in the 2024 fiscal year. 

This proposed budget will allegedly be allocated to replenishing weapons and munitions sent to Ukrainian forces to fight Russia in addition to enhancing American force’s capacity to fight in a potential war against China. 

Bloomberg was able to get its hands on internal budget documents, which showed that the Defense Department is requesting  $76.8 billion for the Marines and Navy to buy new armaments. In addition, it requested $61 billion for the Air and Space Force, $15.7 billion for the Army, and $16.5 billion for other forces of the US military, which brings the total requested to $170 billion.

On top of that, the Pentagon requested $400 million to obtain a new version of the Stinger air defense system, $199 million to buy 541 Javelin anti-armor missiles, and $179 million to obtain 28 additional High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, per the Bloomberg report.

Further, the Pentagon also reportedly called for $145 billion to be allocated to research and development projects. This includes $46 billion that would be allocated to the Air Force, $27 billion for the Navy, and $15.7 billion for the Army. 

Earlier this month, the Biden regime rolled out its 2024 fiscal year budget, which has $842 billion allocated towards the military — a record amount of spending. The pro-war uniparty is very much alive and well. By channeling great power competition talking points, the DC Swamp now has the ability to justify the fattest defense budgets ever. 

If this pro-war uniparty isn’t removed from power, the US will find itself sleepwalking into a nasty military reversal against nuclear-armed great powers. 

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