The Doctor Whose COVID Treatment Was Stopped By Politicians – And What He Did Next

Early in the COVID outbreak, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko treated patients with hydroxychloroquine.

Out of 699 patients he treated:

— Zero patients died

— Zero patients were intubated

— Only four were hospitalized

Even CNN reported the success of using hydroxychloroquine:

“Dr. Marcus Zervos, division head of infectious disease for Henry Ford Health System, said 26% of those not given hydroxychloroquine died, compared to 13% of those who got the drug.”

But why was hydroxychloroquine so effective?

Why did it work?

According to Dr. Zelenko, hydroxychloroquine is a “zinc ionophore.”

A zinc ionophore acts as a “gun” to “shoot” zinc into a virus’s cells.

When zinc gets inside the virus’s cell, it inhibits the virus from replicating.

Dr. Zelenko went public with his findings on hydroxychloroquine — but politicians didn’t like it.

Democrat Governor Cuomo cut off Dr. Zelenko’s supply of hydroxychloroquine.

He wouldn’t let Dr. Zelenko use hydroxychloroquine – something that had been used safely for decades for other diseases.

In the great American tradition of fighting tyranny, Dr. Zelenko didn’t stop.

Dr. Zelenko dug into what else he could use to help his patients — legally.

Here’s what he found:

There’s another “zinc ionophore” like hydroxychloroquine.

It also acts as a “gun” to “shoot” the zinc into a virus’s cells.

It also stops the virus from replicating.

What is it?


The best part? You can get quercetin without a prescription.

It’s an over-the-counter supplement.

But here’s the key: Early treatment.

It’s important to stop the virus early.

Dr. Marcus Zervos told a news conference:

“What we think was important in ours … is that patients were treated early. For hydroxychloroquine to have a benefit, it needs to begin before the patients begin to suffer some of the severe immune reactions that patients can have with Covid.”

According to Dr. Zelenko, everyone should have zinc ionophores on hand.

Because everyone needs to use them as early as possible.

To make it easy for everyone to have what they need in their medicine cabinet, Dr. Zelenko got to work.

He stood up a company in a few short months to create exactly what people need.

The result: an easy-to-swallow pill called “Z-Stack.”

In Z-Stack is the zinc ionophore quercetin, plus zinc. And Dr. Zelenko added Vitamin C and Vitamin D to boost immune systems.

You can get all four parts of Z-Stack at any pharmacy or supermarket.

But in Z-Stack, you get it all in one (ordering through this link and the links below benefits Pro Trump News):

“I give my patients all four ingredients in one package,” says Doctor Zelenko, “to make sure the doses, measurements, and potency are most effective for them.”

Get Z-Stack for your medicine cabinet — and be ready for what comes next.

To order Z-Stack directly from Dr. Zelenko, click here.

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