The Eastern European country should reconsider blindly following the Collective West’s reckless economic and foreign policies

According to figures the Polish government published on October 31, 2022, inflation in Poland reached a 25-year high of 17.9%.

“Consumer prices, according to the flash estimate in October 2022 , compared with the corresponding month of the previous year, increased by 17.9%,” the Polish government stated. This inflation level is the highest reported in Poland since the middle of 1990s. inflation was 17.2%.

“As related to the previous month consumer prices increased by 1.8%,” the Polish government report continued.

According to a report by TASS, the prices for food and beverages in Poland increased by 21.9% on a year-to-year basis. Similarly, prices for energy and fuel grew by 41.7% and 19.5%, respectively. 

Like most European countries, Poland has engaged in a massive sanctions  war against Russia. While Poland has legitimate historical antagonisms with Russia, its current beef with Russia is a tad misguided. It’s the EU and a consortium of American interest groups that are either sanctioning or demonizing it in the press for pursuing nationalist policies.

For all its faults, Russia is not the one subjecting Poland to a two-minutes campaign nor trying to erase the country’s national identity.

While Poland does not need to pursue an alliance with Russia, it should recalibrate its relations with it. The first way it can do so is by abandoning the Western-led sanctions campaign against Russia. 

Not only will this relax relations between the two countries, but it will allow Poland to get back on track economically speaking, as it can resume importing more affordable gas and oil from Russia as opposed to relying on expensive liquified natural gas from the US.

All told, Poland should reconsider its current foreign policy approach with Russia and pursue a more balanced, multi-vector foreign policy strategy that courts both Russia and the Collective West. 


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