The ‘Experts’ Were Wrong About EVERYTHING, But They Won’t Apologize To Prolong The Cover-Up

Screaming “Fauci Lied, People Died” doesn’t do the Covid hysteria and cover up justice. Because not only were the so-called “experts” wrong about virtually everything; they now have zero plans of taking any accountability.

The masks made no difference, yet Americans who dared to go against the mandates were smeared and ridiculed by the mainstream media. People who refused to take the experimental jab were labeled “anti-vaxxers,” and many lost their jobs and livelihood for challenging the regime narrative.

As The Free Press shared: “The most rigorous and extensive review of the scientific literature concludes that neither surgical masks nor N95 masks have been shown to make a difference in reducing the spread of Covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses.” 

Think about that. The experts were wrong about not only masks and coerced vaccinations, but also about closing schools, asymptomatic spread, social distancing, lockdowns, the fatality rate, closing businesses, natural immunity, hospitals being overrun, outdoor transmission, the impact on kids, and much, much more.

The experts were wrong about everything. But instead of asking for forgiveness, they want the people who called them out on their nonsense – those who have been slandered, targeted, and punished over the past 3 years – to provide amnesty.

The observant were even right about the Covid lab leak theory, which Senator Rand Paul has labeled “one of the greatest cover-ups in modern medical history.” 

“When Anthony Fauci made the decision to fund dangerous gain–of-function research in Wuhan, under the auspices of an authoritarian government, this decision was one of the worst decisions ever made.” Paul asserted on Hannity this week. “And there’s been a cover-up ever since the very beginning.”

Paul then smeared the CDC as an institution that has lost all its trust because “no mom with any bit of common sense would ever subject their kid to another vaccination after they added heart inflammation from the first one.” 

Senator Ted Cruz has also slammed the mainstream media for its Covid cover-up operation.


“The COVID virus escaped from a Chinese government lab and the millions of deaths are a result of that virus escaping from a Chinese government lab,” Cruz said during an interview with Fox Business this week.

 “The corporate media for two years has been lying about this,” he continued, adding “they have been labeling as misinformation and conspiracy theory the obvious inference that this escaped from a Chinese lab, I think likely the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

Cruz and Paul are right to say China ought to be held accountable for the virus. And the two are correct in blasting the mainstream media for its immoral attacks on those following the so-called “conspiracy theories” that have since turned out to be true since the beginning.

Americans deserve accountability from those who wielded power over the Covid narrative for the past 3 years because lives have been changed forever. The world we all used to live in is no more. Things are different. For the worse.

Never forget how insane the world got because of these draconian policies. These people do not deserve the free pass they are hoping for.

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