The Fake News Corporate Press Is Already Running With AOC’s ‘Invisible Handcuff’ Publicity Stunt

Looks like AOC and the other members of the squad got their latest fundraising photo op after being escorted away from the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

In case you missed it, conservative Twitter was quick to point out that AOC and her colleagues were pretending to be handcuffed by officers.

As the Post Millennial reported, the congresswoman “was seen being walked away by an officer alongside another protestor with her hands crossed behind her back, both of which had green bandanas, with the color being associated with the pro-abortion group Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights and pro-abortion protests across the country.”

Hilariously, AOC dared to raise a fist toward other protestors to showcase her solidarity with them. And perhaps more likely, score some quick political points with her following.

The hypocrisy surrounding this gesture alone is insane thanks to a few old tweets.

“Congresswoman Cori Bush, as well as Carolyn Maloney, Ilhan Omar, and other members of the Democratic Women’s Caucus were arrested or detained,” PM also reported.

Of course, mainstream media outlets like ABC News got the pictures they wanted so they could create the narrative they wanted about the whole event; A story about members of the squad being arrested with an accompanying photo suggesting they were handcuffed.

With deliberate misinformation like that, people on Twitter immediately deemed the whole debacle as a publicity stunt from the squad members. Especially considering later in the day they would take advantage of the attention online.

“Today I was arrested while participating in a civil disobedience action with my fellow Members of Congress outside the Supreme Court. I will continue to do everything in my power to raise the alarm about the assault on our reproductive rights! ✊🏽” Omar proudly announced on Twitter.

Congress Carolyn Maloney stated, speaking in regards to her arrest: “There is no democracy if women do not have control over their own bodies and decisions about their own health, including reproductive care.”

“I have the privilege of representing a state where reproductive rights are respected and protected — the least I can do is put my body on the line for the 33 million women at risk of losing their rights. The Republican Party and the right-wing extremists behind this decision are not pro-life, but pro-controlling the bodies of women, girls, and any person who can become pregnant. Their ultimate goal is to institute a national ban on abortion. We will not let them win. We will be back,” she added.

So while members of the squad got the attention they were hoping for with this stunt, it’s worth noting that they also evaded any blowback from the left-wing corporate press for their fake handcuff charade. Of course, Tucker Carlson still had a field day.

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” – 1984, Orwell

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