The FBI’s Biometrics Database Has Over 2.5 Million IRS Entries on Record

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Next Generation Identification has apparently compiled a frightening 2.5 million identities. According to Ken Macon of Reclaim the Net, these figures are “burgeoning at an astonishing rate of around 100,000 new identities monthly.” On top of this, the service has access to the records of fifteen million identities present in other federal government databases.

The Iris ID’s technology fusion with the FBI’s program has been a continuous development since 2014. The service enables access to a large library of iris biometric data in addition to fingerprint and face biometrics.

Iris ID is also working on developing mobile capabilities, which could broaden the reach of this biometric data collection program. 

Such expansions in the iris program could open up avenues for broad-based surveillance that clearly violate US constitutional principles. Mohammed Murad, Iris ID’s VP of Global Business & Development, asserted that the adoption of the technology is a sign of the growing appeal of iris recognition. Nevertheless, just because something has a growing appeal does not make it right. 

There are legitimate questions about the extent of surveillance and the potential abuse of biometric data that comes with extensive Iris ID programs. Such information falling into the wrong hands could pose all sorts of dangers for privacy and civil liberties at a large scale. 

Americans would be wise to categorically reject such intrusive schemes and demand that both public and private entities respect their civil liberties. None of these entities have the right to transgress on our freedoms.

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