“The Fight for the Soul of Seattle” Documentary Details Impact of Left-Wing Governance, Anarcho-Tyranny

A documentary published by Seattle radio station KOMO reveals the devastating impact of anarcho-tyranny and leftist governance on the Washington city, providing shocking insight into the failure of the city government.

“The Fight for the Soul of Seattle” lays bare the soaring homelessness, open drug use, violent crime, and wholesale tolerance of petty offenses plaguing the once-orderly and admired city. Longtime residents express their exasperation with the decline of Seattle, pointing to a partially socialist city council driven by “racial justice” leftism.

If you thought the disturbing tale of the left-wing CHAZ insurrection tells the full story of Seattle’s decline into anarcho-tyranny, you haven’t seen the full picture. (The documentary video is free to watch on KOMO’s YouTube channel, and is age-restricted.)

The Fight for the Soul of Seattle describes a war between drug addiction, vagrancy, repeat offenders, anarchist militants and ordinary citizens of the city- with the city’s government determined to take the side of the former. Small business owners and even one judge speak out in the documentary- with the latter describing a culture of leftist intimidation in support of criminals that led him to flee the city after sentencing a repeat felon to a serious prison term.

If you thought the anarcho-tyranny and tolerance of urban degeneracy practiced in Los Angeles and Portland were the worst, you’re likely unfamiliar with the ground zero of the growing phenomenon in Seattle.

2020 featured dramatically rising murder rates in America’s cities- brought about by the reign of the Black Lives Matter street terror movement- but Seattle put the increase in violent crime of other major cities to shame. Seattle incurred a 74% increase in its murder rate, a single-year increase in homicides that may be unprecedented in American history with freak exceptions such as the Civil War.

When heated demands to defund police departments were rolled back across liberal cities throughout the United States, the staunch identity-leftists on Seattle’s city council refused to back away from the disastrous policy, ultimately defunding their police department by more than 20% at the end of the year. As a consequence, Seattle’s Police Chief- who happened to be the only black female chief of a major American city at that time- resigned.

Seattle’s model of anarcho-tyrannical governance- largely favored by a contingent of affluent white liberals who live in gated communities immunized from the consequences of liberalism- may ultimately prove a model other Democrat cities choose to emulate, ultimately erasing the societal progress incurred by American cities since the last round of devastating race riots in the 60’s and 70’s.


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