THE FIX IS IN: 48 Percent of Maricopa County, Ariz. Election Centers Had Ballot Processing Malfunctions on Election Day

News from Rasmussen Reports shows that 48 percent of election centers in Maricopa County featured significant malfunctions on election day, with none of those problems being reported from computers during the early voting period.

Some of the abnormalities that happened on election day in Arizona can be seen here:

There have been multiple whistleblowers who have come forward to attest to the fraud that happened in the elections in Arizona:

Big League Politics has reported on how Lake is refusing to concede and surrender to the steal:

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is refusing to concede the midterm election that was marred with improprieties and credible accusations of fraud.

Lake reportedly “lost” the election against unpopular Democrat secretary of state Katie Hobbs, who refused to campaign and oversaw the election. Voters were turned away and disenfranchised at the polls due to suspicious machine failure on election day. Then, Lake underperformed the exit polls and all data by over ten points.

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