The Folly of Afghanistan Shows ‘American Exceptionalism’ Does Not Apply to the Federal Government

On the 24th episode of Big League Politics Live, host Shane Trejo was joined by Rocco Lucente, his former co-host on The Liberty Conservative Podcast, to discuss current events, including what has happened in Afghanistan.

They talked about how many in the “America First” grassroots are understanding that former Texas Congressman Ron Paul was right about Afghanistan and U.S. foreign policy in general in the aftermath of Biden’s nightmarish pullout. They also noted that the notion of “American Exceptionalism” does not seem to apply to the federal government.

“People talk about American exceptionalism, and I agree that the Bill of Rights and Constitution are certainly exceptional, but is our federal government exceptional? No, and who are the least exceptional of all of them? I would argue, the military bureaucrats, the Pentagon bureaucrats, the ones who will sell out the troops, put our heroes into the meat grinder, so they can strut around with all of their medals and get their payola from defense contractors,” Trejo said, arguing that conservatives should support the troops while holding an immense amount of disdain for military bureaucrats like General of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley.

Lucente noted that the feds are bringing the war on terror home to be used against American patriots, and military worship from conservatives is only helping this Orwellian agenda come to fruition.

“Capitol police officers who are buying into a Soviet-style, almost Brownshirt approach to policing are disgraceful. The people who are working at the Pentagon are uniquely disgraceful,” Lucente said

“These people have wasted trillions of dollars, they have doled out contracts in a political manner designed to get votes from people around the country… They have started wars that have killed millions of people in other nations…and they have done this for the benefit of absolutely nothing,” he continued, adding that the Bush-era military worship for endless wars must be rejected soundly by Republicans moving forward.

Big League Politics has reported on how the feds are pushing ANTIFA propaganda as they further their domestic police state to target American patriots:

FBI Director Christopher Wray blamed sovereign citizen movements and militias for the summer’s unprecedented and historical riots, in which almost 30 Americans were killed, 700 law enforcement officers were injured, and 14,000 people were arrested.

Wray was responding to a question in a Tuesday hearing posed by Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz was inquiring as to the FBI’s plan to deter and prevent mob-style riot crime in American cities, with Wray’s answers seeming to suggest the agency has no real plan to avoid a repeat of the experiences of summer 2020 later this year.

In reality, the summer’s riots are almost entirely the fault of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. BLM engaged in an onslaught of destruction targeting small businesses and powerless members of American communities, after the controversial death of George Floyd.

Wray made a token allusion to “anarchist” extremism, before citing sovereign citizens and militias for BLM/ANTIFA’s violence.

A lot of that activity fell in what we would categorize as anti-government, anti-authority violent extremism. Some of it is anarchist, violent extremism; some of it is militia violent extremism. Some of it might even be sovereign citizen violent extremism.

Wray made no reference to the criminal Black Lives Matter riot movement, or the street terror cult known as ANTIFA. He did reference a Patriot Prayer demonstrator who was shot and killed by an ANTIFA militant in Portland.”

The full episode of BLP Live can be seen here:

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