The Fraternal Order of Police Attacks the NFL for Supporting Defund the Police Groups

The National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) criticized the National Football League’s recent decision to donate money to leftist groups who desire to defund law enforcement. 

The NFL’s Inspire Change social justice initiative is financially supporting three groups. Patrick Yoes, the president of the fraternal order, has sharply criticized the NFL’s behavior. 

“I find it incredibly ironic that NFL teams travel and play every week under the protection of local law enforcement,” Yoes tweeted on December 17, 2021.

According to a Fox News report, NFL Inspire Change doled out significant funds to the Vera Institute of Justice, the Oregon Justice Resource Center ($300,000), and the Community Justice Exchange. Each one of these organizations back the defunding or abolition of police departments, per a report by Peter Hasson. The Community Justice Exchange is pursuing the abolition of immigration enforcement, policing, and prisons.

Yoes sounded off on the NFL’s decision to support anti-police causes:

We have officers in stadiums, parking lots, and even on the sidelines to ensure the safety of the players, team personnel, and of course, the fans.

The NFL pays for this security because they want their venues and attendees to be safe. Now, we learn they are sending thousands of dollars to groups whose mission is to end policing and our justice system. How irresponsible is this? If it weren’t such a serious issue, we would just laugh at them and go about our business. But make no mistake, this is a very serious issue.

The FOP president then stated that the U.S. is going through an unprecedented crime wave and the NFL is funding campaigns to keep criminals and other nasty actors on the streets. “Performative displays of wokeness like this are shameful. Maybe Commissioner Goodell should take a timeout and reconsider this decision.”

Yoes said the NFL is working to bring about the wrong kind of change, based on the dubious premise that police officers and policing are bad and that crime will somehow disappear once police are defunded or abolished. He even doubts that pro football players will go out on the field without police presence at games. He also added that fans will not want to go to NFL games that don’t have police present in securing the area.

Yoes continued:

In fact, rather than supporting efforts to further divide police officers from the communities they protect, the NFL should focus on how to heal the wounds in these communities by collaborating with the FOP to rebuild trust and respect between police officers and the people they serve. To this end, the FOP reached out to the NFL and had several meetings to explore this kind of cooperation, but the NFL ultimately refused.

Yoes believes the NFL can do as it pleases, but he stressed that the NFL should pursue campaigns that make people safer.

Since the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020, the NFL and other sports leagues have fully imbibed the woke Kool-Aid. This was part of a broader trend of gigantic corporations along with prominent NGOs getting behind the culturally radical cause of Black Lives Matter. 

Conservatives need to stop patronizing institutions that call for their dispossession or work to undermine the Historic American Nation. That time and money spent consuming the content or events could be used to productively build businesses, local institutions, or other organizations that will advance Core American interests.

If right-wingers want to actually follow sports, they should perhaps tune in to the UFC — a fight promotion that does not engage in woke politics. 

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