The Ghost Gun Boogieman is Not Going Away as Joe Biden Promises a Tough Anti-Gun Crackdown

Democrat president Joe Biden gave a speech on June 25, 2021 in which he unveiled some new steps his administration is taking to intrude on lawful Americans’ right to bear arms under the guise of curbing “gun violence.” He announced several measures to crack down on the flow of firearms used in crimes. 

Further, Biden revealed a “zero tolerance” policy that his administration will impose on gun dealers who flout federal law. Biden promised that dealers who break federal law will have their licenses immediately revoked upon their first offense.

“Merchants of death are breaking the law for profit,” Biden declared.

“My message to you is this,” Biden added, as he called out gun dealers who “willfully” break the law. “We will find you and we’ll seek your license to sell guns. We’ll make sure you can’t sell death and mayhem on our streets.”

Biden’s recent anti-gun pronouncements came after his series of executive orders that he issued back in April targeting homemade “ghost guns”. The latest boogieman for the anti-gun Left, ghost guns are firearms that lawful Americans assemble at home from gun kits. What infuriates Gun Control Inc. about these firearms is how they don’t feature serial numbers. This makes these firearms much more difficult for anti-Second Amendment bureaucrats to track.

The parts for said gun kits can be acquired online and at gun shows. Homemade firearms have been a part of lawful firearms culture since the very beginning; trying to ban homemade firearms is a fool’s endeavor.

Criminals, by definition, already don’t care about the law and are using every black market avenue possible to acquire and manufacture firearms. Going after legal, homemade guns will just make lawful Americans less safe, as their criminal counterparts enjoy the asymmetric advantage of being able to assemble and acquire firearms with greater ease since they can and are willing to tap into black market networks.

The last year of rioting, police standing down, and arbitrary lockdowns has shown Americans that constantly relying on authorities for help is a losing proposition. It should not surprise anyone why people are buying rifles, handguns, and shotguns, while stocking up on popular ammo like 223 ammo to prepare for the uncertainty that lies ahead.

Biden’s latest anti-gun statement shows that there’s strong tension between Middle Americans who value the right to bear arms and the out-of-touch ruling class who despises traditional American freedoms.

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