The Guardian Praises Doxxing Right Wingers While Whining About Left-Wing Doxxing

The Guardian contributor Jason Wilson really doesn’t like the practice of doxxing… At least when it is being done to those on the left.

Doxxing is the practice of revealing somebody’s private information online. Whether that simply be the name of an anonymous user, or more extensive details about a users location and private information, such as home addresses, phone numbers, and work information.

In July of this year, Wilson penned an article for The Guardian decrying the doxxing of reporters for left-wing publications, specifically naming Luke O’Brien of the Huffington Post. O’Brien was doxxed in response to him releasing the name, and other private information about the woman behind the prominent anti-radical Islam Twitter account known as Amy Mek.

The doxxing of O’Brien was described as a “concerted harassment campaign” at the behest of “far-right trolls” hurling death threats.

Wilson then shares a number of threats that had been sent to O’Brien.

But, while he seems to have a lot of issues with the doxxing of those on the left, in an article penned more recently, he had no issues with the same tactics being used against the right. In fact, he calls the tactic “effective,” and claims the aim of the left’s doxxing campaigns are to “defuse the danger that believers in violent ideologies present.”

He also links to a Twitter hashtag, #DoxxAllYourBoys, which links to Twitter results featuring violent threats against right-wingers, along with links containing the personal information of individuals on the right. So he’s not only reporting on the doxxing of those on the right in a positive light, he’s linking directly to doxxing campaigns.

In his reporting, he fails to include any of the real effects that doxxing causes to the individuals on the right. Instead of putting human faces, with stories outlining the harassment and threats doxxing causes like he does with O’Brien, he dehumanizes the victims simply praising the results.

The picture accompanying the headline of his article is of Gavin McInnes.

McInnes is a conservative commentator, who is the founder of the Proud Boys, a multi-racial fraternal organization founded in 2016.

Because of his past involvement with the Proud Boys, he has been a target of those on the left, resulting in him being doxxed on multiple occasions.

After being doxxed, he has been facing intense harassment, with countless death threats coming his way on a regular basis.

Big League Politics reached out to McInnes, who sent us a sample of some of the intense harassment he has received.

After having his phone number and home address posted online, he began receiving hundreds of phone calls, and text messages from left-wing activists nationwide.

“Look out your window fashy,” read one of the ominous late night messages clearly meant to intimidate.

One man who lives in McInnes’ neighborhood had this to say after being falsely told that his neighbor is a white supremacist:

“The only answer to a white supremacist with a gun is a liberal with a gun #StandYourGround”

As these threats are rolling in, hate mobs on Twitter and Facebook were publicly encouraging people to kill and physically harm McInnes.

And left-wing radicals regularly follow through on those threats of violence, like they recently did in Philadelphia against two Marines simply suspected of being a part of the Proud Boys.

The message from The Guardian is simple: Violence and harassment is okay as long as it isn’t targeting those on the left.