‘The Intercept’ Doxxes Right-Wing Reporters for Filming BLM Protests, ANTIFA Terrorists Promise Retaliation

Left-wing rag The Intercept is doxxing reporters who have filmed Black Lives Matter rallies as they have descended into lawless riots, with low IQ savages raping and pillaging cultural monuments while looting and burning storefronts.

In his propaganda piece doxxing the reporters, writer Robert Mackey highlighted the work of videographers such as Julio Rosas of Townhall, Jorge Ventura and Richie McGinniss of the Daily Caller, Elijah Schaffer of BlazeTV, Drew Hernandez of Riot Squad, Kalen D’Almeida, and others who have captured raw riot footage in recent months.

Mackey is chastising these individuals for performing actual journalism and raising their profile so they are more likely to be targeted by ANTIFA and BLM thugs. This is how the liberal fake news foments left-wing domestic terrorism in the digital age.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who departed The Intercept after enduring institutional censorship to protect Democrats, pointed out the obvious motive behind Mackey’s profile.

Greenwald noted that ANTIFA thugs have received the signal from Mackey and are promising retaliation against these journalists for performing their duties protected under the 1st Amendment: 

McGinniss described the embarrassingly poor attention to detail that went into Mackey’s hit piece against his journalism:

Big League Politics has reported on how The Intercept is cratering after turning on freedom of speech and embracing censorship to protect Democrats:

fundraising appeal from The Intercept contains complaints that donations have dried up in recent months, blaming former President Donald Trump’s attacks on the fake news for their blog’s lack of viability in the marketplace.

“Since Donald Trump left office on January 20, donations to The Intercept have gone down sharply,” the fundraising appeal states. “After years of steady growth, last month brought fewer new members than we’ve seen in more than two years.”

They note that progressive publications throughout the world are hurting without having Trump in the White House allowing them to publish absurd nonsense to their captive audiences.

“While Trump railed against journalists as ‘the enemy of the people,’ grassroots outrage over Trump’s corruption, racism, and incompetence fueled a spike in ratings,” the fundraising letter states, lamenting the end of the lucrative “Trump bump.”

The Intercept claims that the additional funding has allowed the outlet to be “able to take on more and more ambitious and hard-hitting investigative reporting.” However, anyone who is familiar with how the blog split with their founder Glenn Greenwald understands that this notion is laughably false.”

The world will be better off when The Intercept‘s billionaire oligarch funders finally pull the plug, and the entity – founded by Greenwald as a redoubt for authentic journalism – is remembered as one of the most disappointing publications in history.

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