The IRS is Accused of Persecuting of White and Asian Taxpayers

America First Legal Foundation recently accused the IRS of targeting White and Asian Americans with audits under the pretext of “racial equity.”

On February 21, 2023, the non-profit organization dedicated to fighting executive overreach, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that challenged an executive order that President Joe Biden recently signed.

AFL claims that the Biden regime’s executive order “intends to alter Internal Revenue Service’s  audit algorithms to target white, Asian, or mixed-race taxpayers.”

Biden issued the order on February 16, instructing all federal agencies to put out an annual “equity action plan” with the goal of tearing down barriers to agency resources for “underserved communities.”

This order builds off a previously issued order in 2021, “Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government,” which called on agencies to execute a “whole-of-government approach to equity.”

The FOIA request is asking for all communication records of specific individuals at the Treasury Department and the IRS that made references to “discrimination,’ ‘discriminatory,’ ‘race,’ ‘racial,’ ‘ethnicity,’ ‘color,’ ‘BIPOC,’ ‘Asian’ ‘Indigenous,’ ‘Black,’ ‘Brown,’ or ‘White’ on the one hand, and ‘audit,’ ‘enforcement,’ ‘NRP,’ ‘RAAS,’ ‘algorithmic,’ ‘selection,’ ‘sampling,’ or ‘strata’.” 

The request calls for communication records from January 20, 2021, up until the time the FOIA request is processed. It also includes a request for communications from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and several other deputies, senior officials and appointees.

Brandon Gillespie of Fox News noted that following about the FOIA request: 

According to the request, the IRS’s National Research Program, which randomly selects tax returns for audit, could be influenced by the executive order, as well as Biden’s order that Yellen conduct an ‘equity assessment’ on whether underserved communities face systemic barriers and produce an Equity Action Plan to address those alleged barriers.

On top of that, the request cites other actions the Biden regime has pursued that go against rules Congress set out with regards to the collection of data by the IRS and other agencies. Specifically, the request cites data collection practices connected to race and ethnicity. 

The request argued that the Biden regime’s plans to hire “a legion” of new IRS agents, in addition to its “deep-seated racial fixations,” constituted “a clear and present danger” to “White, Asian and mixed-race” taxpayers.

Indeed, the managerial regime has no love lost for Asians and whites — two groups that are largely viewed as “privileged.” Nationalists must recognize the importance of making sure their colleagues staff all positions of power. Moreover, they must grasp the harsh reality that organizations such as the IRS cannot be reformed, and must be abolished instead. 

The current regime in the DC Swamp is completely hostile to the Historic American Nation and the country’s most productive citizens. The quicker we realize this, the quicker we can build solutions to rid us of our oppressors.

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