The Latest Mass Shooting Doesn’t Fit CNN’s Typical Narrative

On Friday, June 1, 2019, a gunman killed twelve people and wounded six at a Virginia Beach municipal center.

The shooter, was an African American male by the name of DeWayne Craddock who was a “longtime public utilities employee.”

The perpetrator used a .45 handgun to commit the indiscriminate slaughter and was shot dead by police.

According to an NBC report, Craddock, who worked for the city for about 15 years as an engineer, “recently purchased multiple firearms legally.”

Naturally, there were calls for gun control from Democrats, who ignore that Craddock passed his federal background check like every gun owner in the nation has to.

The media have been relatively silent about this shooting, with some speculating that it may have  to do with the fact that the shooter was African American.

In the wake of other shootings, media outlets like Newsweek tend to focus on how 54 percent of shootings are committed by whites. The report Newsweek used in this instance was from 2017.

From 1982 until June 2018, 59 of the 101 mass shootings during that period were committed by white people according to data from Statista, a site which provides “statistics and studies from more than 22,500 sources.” African Americans had the next-highest number of mass shooting perpetrators at 16.

From the looks of it, the Virginia Beach shooting does not fit the media’s ongoing narrative, thus it will not receive much coverage like other shootings.

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