The Majority of American Parents are Against Drag Queen Story Hour

The majority of parents of school-age children strongly oppose “Drag Queen Story Hour”, an event where men dressed up as women perform in front of children.

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll, 60% of American adults view “Drag Queen Story Hour” as inappropriate for children, which includes 44% who indicated it’s “Not At All Appropriate.” Only 29% of respondents believe “Drag Queen Story Hour” is appropriate for children, which includes 11% who consider it “Very Appropriate”. Additionally, 10% are unsure about Drag Queen Story Hour. 

Parents or parents of school-age children generally agree (51%) that “Drag Queen Story Hour” is not appropriate for children. 

47% of Democrats view “Drag Queen Story Hour” at least somewhat appropriate for children. However, only 17% of Republicans and 22% of independents share similar beliefs. That said, there was transpartisan opposition to taxpayer funding of “Drag Queen Story Hour” — 89% of Republicans, 56% of Democrats and 71% of independent voters. 

59% of whites, 60% of blacks and 65% of other non-white minorities believe “Drag Queen Story Hour” is not appropriate for children. In a similar vein, 71% of whites, 66% of blacks and 73% of other non-white minorities oppose taxpayer funding for “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

Americans making annual incomes below $100,000 are most likely to view “Drag Queen Story Hour” as inappropriate for children. 

There’s clearly mass opposition to Drag Queen Story Hour across the nation. Now, it’s merely a question of political will when it comes to clamping down on this degenerate event. To restore order, prudent use of state power must be used against actors who promote degeneracy. When these actors are allowed to operate freely, degeneracy will quickly become the norm in the US.

Securing our education system from these depraved individuals is essential in the fight to bring back sanity to the US.

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