The Majority of American Voters Describe Border Situation as a Crisis

The Biden administration has been in denial about the current crisis at the southern border. However, 66% of voters have a different view on the matter and believe that what the US is experiencing at the border is indeed a crisis.

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, the majority of American voters view the southern border situation as a crisis. Only 20% don’t think it’s a crisis, and 13% are unsure. 

Unsurprisingly, the Biden administration has blamed the previous Trump administration for the current predicament at the southern border. 50% of voters believe that America’s current immigration predicament is the result of the policies that the Biden administration has pursued. Only 41% believe that America’s current problems with immigration are the consequence of the Trump administration’s immigration measures. 

This issue has strong partisan viewpoints. 85% of Republican votes believe that the situation at the border is a crisis. In contrast, 49% of Democrats have called recent developments at the borders a crisis. 67% of unaffiliated voters view the current border situation as a crisis.

Similarly, 71% of American voters are against the federal government doling out benefits to illegal aliens. In addition, 63% of voters view government programs and services as a magnet for illegal immigration to the US.

Americans’ instincts on immigration are a sign of the growing distrust the American public has with neoliberal elites in Washington. Despite being installed in office, the Biden administration and its culturally radical agenda are still viewed with great skepticism by large portions of the US population. 

This is just another sign of the power of the immigration question, a genuinely populist issue the right can exploit for the purpose of building a viable electoral base.

Any Republican political consultant or pundit who downplays the importance of immigration should be safely ignored.

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