The Majority of Democratic Voters Want to Abolish the Supreme Court 

American voters still hold favorable views towards the Supreme Court. This past summer the court has drawn a lot of attention for its high profile decisions on the Second Amendment and abortion, which has angered the cultural Left. 

Democrats, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly hostile to the nation’s highest court. In fact, they are now more receptive to fundamentally transforming this branch of the federal government. 

According to a poll by Rasmussen and the Heartland Institute, 52% of likely United States voters hold positive views of the Supreme Court. This includes 29% who hold a very favorable opinion of the court. 

43% of voters hold unfavorable views towards the Supreme Court, which includes 25% who hold “very unfavorable” views towards the institution. 

Democratic voters mostly disapprove of the Supreme Court, especially after its recent decisions on abortion, Second Amendment, and regulatory matters. Only 33% of Democrats have favorable views of the Supreme Court, whereas 63% hold an unfavorable opinion of the Supreme Court, which includes 40% of Democrats who have a “very unfavorable” view of the Supreme Court. On the other hand, 72% of Republicans and 52% of independent voters hold favorable opinions of the Supreme Court. 

The majority of Democratic voters view the Supreme Court as a discriminatory and racist institution. To rectify the Court’s perceived flaws, Democratic voters are in favor of either “packing” the court by expanding the size of the court or replacing the current court with justices who are democratically elected.

Several Democratic elected officials have put forward a proposal to expand the Court to 13 justices.

51% of likely voters oppose court-packing, which includes 40% who “strongly oppose” the concept. Only 41% are in favor of the idea.

The partisan divides here are stark. Among Democratic voters, 64% support expanding the Supreme Court to 13 seats, which includes 37% who strongly favor the concept.

Some other notable findings in the Heartland/Rasmussen poll include the following:

  • 53% of likely voters are against legislation that would abolish the current Supreme Court and create a new, democratically elected Supreme Court. Under this system, the people would directly vote on Supreme Court justices. 53% of Democrats support such legislation, which includes 33% who “strongly favor” the idea.  By contrast, only 21% of Republicans and 23% of conservatives support legislation that would abolish the current Supreme Court and replace it with a Supreme Court with democratically-elected justices.
  • 61% of likely voters disagree with the assertion that the Supreme Court “is a fundamentally racist institution.” However, 56% of Democrats agree with that assertion, which includes 26% who “strongly agree” that the court is “fundamentally racist.”
  • 55% of likely voters disagree with the assertion that the Supreme Court “is a fundamentally sexist institution that favors men over women.” However, 67% of Democrats agree with the statement, which includes 34% who “strongly agree” that the court is “fundamentally sexist.”
  • As for nonwhites, black voters (54%) and Hispanic voters (50%) somewhat agree that the Supreme Court “is a fundamentally racist institution.” Just 27% of whites and 29% of other non-whites hold similar views. In the same token, 59% of black voters and 55% of Hispanics are somewhat in favor of expanding the Supreme Court to 13 seats. By contrast, 35% of whites and 34% of other non-whites agree with this view.

Overall, the Democratic Party has become post-national in terms of its politics. In other words, the party’s leadership and principal constituencies are willing to do away with the Constitution and create a much more centralized, pro-multicultural state that would accelerate the dispossession of the Historic American Nation. 

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