The Majority of Voters are Concerned About the Electoral Mess that Took Place in Arizona 

Arizona’s controversial midterm election naturally provoked major anger among Republican voters.

Even the majority of American voters are in agreement that the “sacred right to vote” is at risk, according to a recent Rasmussen poll.

The Rasmussen poll found that 71% of likely United States voters believe it’s likely, which includes 40% who believe it’s “very likely” that problems regarding the election in Maricopa County shaped the outcome of Arizona’s Senate race between incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly and Republican challenger Blake Masters. 23% don’t believe the problems had an impact on the Senate election. In this election, Kelly defeated Masters by a margin of 51%-47%.

52% of Republicans believe it’s very likely the electoral irregularities that took place in Maricopa County had an impact on the Senate election outcome in Arizona. 23% of Democrats and 45% of independent voters shared similar views.

60% of Republicans, 35% of Democrats, and 41% of independent voters strongly agree with Kari Lake’s declaration about Arizona voters being denied their “sacred right to vote.” Lake lost her race against Katie Hobbs 50.4%-49.6%.

Working class voters making between $30,000 and $50,000 annually believe that Maricopa County voting problems very likely had a negative impact on Arizona elections.

Electoral shenanigans that likely took place in Arizona could become a national standard if Republicans don’t get their act together and start strengthening electoral integrity standards and punishing individuals and institutions who perpetuate electoral fraud.

The years of downplaying electoral fraud are now beginning to bite Republicans in the rear. However, there is still time to rectify this matter. The first step is acknowledging that this problem exists. From there, bold reforms will be needed to ensure that America’s elections are no longer tampered with.


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