The Majority of Voters Back a Diplomatic Solution with Russia to Prevent a War in Ukraine

With tensions between Russia and Ukraine not simmering down, there’s speculation about the outbreak of war between the two countries. 

According to recent announcements, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, and Poland are forming a trilateral security pact to balance against Russia.

The Biden administration is considering potential economic and military responses in dealing with Russia. 

Per new polling from Data for Progress, 24% of likely voters have heard “a lot” about the recent events in Ukraine and their effect on relations between the U.S. and Russia. 31% of voters have heard “some” about this news, while 23% have heard “only a little”, and 22% have heard “nothing at all.”

According to the Data for Progress poll, by a +29-point margin, voters are in favor of the Biden Administration making a diplomatic deal with Russia to prevent a war with Ukraine from occurring. Democrats by a +54-point margin, Independents by a +18-point margin, and Republicans by a +6-point margin are all in support of the Biden administration brokering a diplomatic deal.

Overall, Americans do not want another war, especially a great power war with nuclear implications.

National populists should offer a realist alternative that eschews war and instead focuses on border security and bolsters national industry so as to avoid overwhelming dependency on rival powers such as China. 

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