The National Association for Gun Rights Condemns Procedural Vote for Gun Control in the US Senate.

The night of June 21, 2022 did not end well for Second Amendment support. That night, the United States Senate introduced and voted on an 80 page gun control bill within less than three hours. This bill, the Bipartisan Safe Communities Act, was passed on a 64-34 count. 

The National Association for Gun Rights was one of the first organizations to quickly condemn this bill. 

“This is dark moment in the fight for our Second Amendment rights, but we aren’t giving up – we’ll only double down in our opposition,” declared Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights. “Thanks to the treacherous work of anti-gun Republicans Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn, tax payer funding for Red Flag gun confiscation and de facto gun bans for 18-20 year old Americans is now closer to becoming reality than it ever has been in American history.”

The text of the 80 page Bipartisan Safe Communities Act was rolled out on the afternoon of June 21 and voted on before the evening ended. Under this legislation, states would be bribed to implement red flag gun confiscation orders, a new misdemeanor gun ban would be imposed, broadens the NICS registry for 18-20 years old, and criminalizes private firearms sales for millions of lawful Americans.

“This bill was negotiated in bad faith and every so-called pro-gun Republican Senator who signed on to it should remove their signature, oppose the bill, and vote NO. Anti-gun Democrats are already saying this gun grab is just the start and that this won’t be enough for them. If the Senate passes this bill the floodgates for every single gun ban imaginable will become a reality – and Republicans like John Cornyn will own it in full.” Brown said in a concluding statement.

NAGR stands in opposition to all federal gun control laws and previously demanded that US Senators vote against the Bipartisan Safe Communities Act.

The no compromise organization and like-minded groups will be actively making sure to hold politicians accountable for their legislative missteps in this defining moment of Second Amendment history.

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