The National Association for Gun Rights Criticizes South Carolina Senator Shane Massey for Opposing Constitutional Carry

On April 30, 2021, the National Association for Gun Rights and its state affiliate Palmetto Gun Rights criticized Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey for statements he made in opposition to Constitutional Carry. 

“There will be an amendment to eliminate the permit requirement. I won’t vote for it,” Massey said to an activist in his district in a text message. 

The amendment in question would turn House Bill 3094, which Senators recently recalled from committee, into Constitutional Carry. This would make it similar to Constitutional Carry bill HB 3096.

Earlier in 2021, the South Carolina State House passed the legislation, but the bill is currently languishing in the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

NAGR is demanding that Massey immediately reverse course and back this legislation, which has become one of the biggest right wing victories in 2021.

  “Law-abiding citizens should not be forced to jump through bureaucratic hoops in order to exercise a constitutionally-guaranteed right,” declared Dudley Brown, President of NAGR. “South Carolina is falling behind the rest of the county as twenty states already recognize this commonsense idea.”

 “Right now, gun owners in South Carolina must pay for government-mandated training, be fingerprinted like common criminals, and pay an outrageous fee before being allowed to carry a gun for self-defense. We are fighting to change that,” stated Denise Snelling, chairman of Palmetto Gun Rights.

Passing Constitutional Carry would substantially improve South Carolina’s firearms laws and make it the 5th state to pass Constitutional Carry in 2021.

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