The National Association for Gun Rights Opposes Gun Control in House Judiciary Committee

When it comes to defending the Second Amendment, the National Association for Gun Rights is as principled as it gets. No matter the circumstances, NAGR can be counted on to defend the right to bear arms no matter the political circumstances. 

Even after the Uvalde, Texas massacre, NAGR has stood its ground in the face of constant calls for civilian disarmament. 

For example, on May 31, 2022, the House Judiciary Committee placed a special markup on the schedule to debate and vote on a gun control bill in the wake of this tragedy. This debate and vote will be set for June 2.

The bill in question, H.R. 7910, features language to prohibit standard capacity magazines, raise the age for lawful individuals to buy semi-automatic rifles, prohibit homemade firearms, prohibit firearms accessories, and establish a national standard for firearms storage. 

“Never let a tragedy go to waste – it’s what the anti-gun Left does best — especially when it comes to ramming gun control through Congress,” stated Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights. “It’s not surprising that House Democrats are pushing such an extreme bill, but it’s particularly sad that they’re using national tragedies to fuel their radical agenda. We should be passing laws like the Safe Students Act which repeals deadly ‘gun free’ zones instead of shredding our constitutional rights.”

In a press release, NAGR called attention to how House Democrats already passed H.R. 8, a universal background check bill, in 2021. 

H.R.7910 takes it to another level by stuffing a bunch of anti-Second Amendment bills as a means of trying to break Republicans and have them support gun control. 

“We oppose H.R. 7910 and our members will be lobbying their lawmakers to vote NO on this rights-destroying legislation. Criminals do not obey the law – they don’t care and won’t be hindered by this asinine piece of legislation. But law-abiding citizens and normal Americans who want to defend themselves and their loved ones will be made into criminals for simply wanting to exercise their Second Amendment rights,” declared Brown.

NAGR made its opposition to this bill clear and has called on all members of the Judiciary committee to oppose this legislation. 

In moments like these, NAGR is an elite organization that can always be relied on to fully defend our rights and not give an inch to Gun Control Inc. Liberty conservatives should study NAGR’s model and implement it for the particular issues that they’re most animated by.

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