The National Association for Gun Rights Voices Opposition to Bipartisan Gun Control Scheme

The National Association for Gun Rights is firmly opposed to the latest bipartisan gun control package being proposed in the United States Senate.

On June 13, 2022, NAGR published a press release expressing their displeasure with 10 Republican Senators who have decided to betray gun owners by working with several anti-Second Amendment Democrats to craft a civilian disarmament proposal in the Senate.  

The announcement by the Republicans was made on June 12. Although the text of this gun control proposal has not been officially published, Senate press releases hint at the 10 turncoat Republicans willing to vote for “Red Flag” gun confiscation orders, the destruction of private firearms sales by imposing new stringent Federal Firearms Licensing (FFL) laws, and expanded background checks for individuals ages 18 to 20. 

“These Republican Senators are hiding behind their A+ NRA ratings in an attempt to ram gun control through Congress – all while lying to law-abiding Americans that they support the Second Amendment,” declared Dudley Brown, President of NAGR. “Any gun control deal, but especially a gun control deal which includes Red Flag gun confiscation and the expansion of the NICS database, is an affront to the Constitution and the oath of office Senators swear to uphold.” 

The Republican Senators who are working to betray gun owners include the following: 

John Cornyn (TX), Thom Tillis (NC), Roy Blunt (MO), Rob Portman (OH), Richard Burr (NC) , Mitt Romney (UT), Bill Cassidy (LA), Susan Collins (ME), Lindsey Graham (SC), and Pat Toomey (PA).

NAGR explained what the red flag proposal in this anti-Second amendment package entails:

One of the key proposals — a federal Red Flag gun confiscation grant program — would incentivize states to pass laws which strip Americans of their firearms. Red Flag laws call for legally owned firearms to be forcibly confiscated from law-abiding Americans without due process, based on unsubstantiated accusations from disgruntled family members, neighbors, co-workers, and/or current or ex-romantic partners, or roommates.

NAGR added:

These laws rely on the issuing of ex-parte (one-sided) orders authorizing law enforcement, including SWAT teams, to immediately seize firearms from the subject of the order without notification or right to an attorney. All Red Flag laws passed as the state level violate gun rights, and due process rights.

 Two of the other proposals likely to be featured in this package include “changing the definition of what constitutes the need for an FFL in order to sell firearms – essentially banning private firearms sales while also expanding the NICS database for 18-20 year olds who want to purchase a rifle.” On top of that, this legislative package will likely feature a mandatory federal waiting period for individuals in the age range of 18 to 20. 

 “Bribing states with millions of dollars so they can take away your God-given rights is abhorrent – and no matter how they repackage the framing, it’s Red Flag gun confiscation through and through. Combine that with the end of private sales and the expansion of the NICS database for 18-20 year olds – it means we’re facing the largest gun control expansion in over 20 years. Compromising on the Second Amendment is always wrong, but this move from Cornyn and his gang of RINOs is particularly stupid – and law-abiding gun owners see right through their foolish compromise,” Brown said in a concluding statement.

 NAGR promises to oppose all gun control proposals being put forward in the Senate, and is pushing its members to call their US Senators and urge them to reject all gun control legislation.

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