The New Indiana Jones Movie Might Be Yet Another Hollywood Woke Flop As Theater’s Remained EMPTY Opening Night

Hollywood is reboot happy. Seemingly every big blockbuster film coming out nowadays is a rip off old nostalgia.

Sometimes – as most movie-goers can sniff out prior to release – the films are infiltrated by wokeness that can ruin a franchise with its failed modern takes.

Whether a film is woke or not is important, because most avid fans don’t want to spend their money on a movie that could potentially tank the whole franchise’s story arch.

Consider the new Indiana Jones film, for example, another reboot that is fighting an uphill battle for viewership and box office sales since opening day.

Most of the criticism for the new Indiana Jones films stems from the movie just being bad.

As critics have shared, not only is the story line lacking, but the whole film feels like a petty attempt to earn revenue off sheer nostalgia and a returning old head Harrison Ford playing – for one more time – one of America’s favorite characters.

Some fans have dubbed the movie woke because of a dig against capitalism. Which is seen as not only bad writing, but also another Hollywood dig at a key component to Americanism.

Fans are skeptical of the new Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie for the same reasons.

If Hollywood is not shilling off another reboot. They are more than likely pushing original woke films that are equally bombing at the box office.

Disney has been leading the charge when it comes to consumer blowback, amounting to a near total of $900 million in loses over the course of its recent failures including “Lightyear” and “Strange World.”

The Super Mario Bros. movie, however, saw a different outcome.

While still a reboot that looked to capture nostalgia and a recognizable brand name based off a smash hit video game franchise, The Super Mario Bros. movie played extremely well with audiences.

Fans were delighted to find that the movie was not woke. And that the story line was well thought out, the nostalgia elements were done right, and the film was overall a fun time for movie-goers of any age.

The new Top Gun movie received similar raving responses from fans.

Case and point: Americans are hungry for great, original content. Top Gun and The Super Mario Bros. movies show that Americans are fine with reboots if done right. It also shows that Americans are tired of wokeness infiltrating the movie industry.

While adding woke themes and modern takes to already established franchises may appease the activists, it sure isn’t panning well with most movie-goers expected to pay to see these Hollywood blockbusters.

The blueprint for success is there for the taking. Hollywood needs to cast aside their progressive visuals for the world if they want to rake in revenue and eyeballs – let alone maintain the magic of once beloved and highly lucrative franchises.

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