The New York Young Republican Club Demands that Governor Andrew Cuomo Resign

On February 12, 2021, the New York Young Republican Club called for the immediate resignation of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The Republican club cited several of Cuomo’s actions that merit massive scrutiny from the New York public:

New Yorkers have long known that Andrew Cuomo lacks integrity. However, his past indiscretions pale compared to those of the COVID era. Bribes from real estate developers and sleazy campaign personnel surprise no one, while enacting policies to kill New Yorkers and lying about it reasonably raise eyebrows.

Cuomo gained notoriety for his order that initially placed Wuhan virus positive patients into nursing homes, leaving them to die.  NYYRC noted that Cuomo “condemned a swathe of elderly New Yorkers to death” and when he began facing criticism, “he retrenched himself multiple times.”

The NYYRC added how Cuomo tried to wiggle his way out of this dilemma and play petty politics:

He requested and received permission to use the USNS Comfort for COVID patients, but, intent not to give President Donald J Trump a “win,” he never granted permission to transfer patients to it. He manipulated statistics and counted deaths based on location. This had the (intended) effect of decreasing the reported count of nursing home deaths.

Cuomo is a golden boy for the liberal media.

After all, his time as governor since 2010 has been exhibit A of liberal policies. Before the Wuhan virus fiasco, Cuomo had established himself as one of the most anti-freedom governors in America.

His previous passage of the massive gun grab, the SAFE Act, made him an icon on the control Left. Now, that he has bungled the Wuhan virus response, Cuomo is being protected by the media. Once viewed as a “responsible” governor for his draconian lockdown response, Cuomo’s image has taken a hit after it became public that he sent countless elderely people to their death.

Most Americans would not be aware of this, if they only tune into the corporate media. But for those who are relying on independent sources for their news, Cuomo’s life-destroying malfeasances are now well known.

The New York Governor should be held accountable for his incompetence.

The rest of the statement can be read here.

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