The New York Young Republican Club Endorses Donald J. Trump for President in 2024

The New York Young Republican Club (NYYRC) is endorsing Donald J. Trump for president in 2024, as the MAGA coalition forms like voltron once again to save America.

“The American People needs a leader who champions its values, heritage, and interests. President Trump has battled the Deep State since he launched his 2016 presidential campaign. Since then, he has demonstrated a level of care for American society unmatched by current or would-be politicians; he consistently sacrifices to improve Americans’ lives, and his persistence shows an unparalleled commitment to our cause,” the NYYRC wrote in their endorsement letter of Trump.

“President Trump faces headwinds of unmatched strength and vigor. In pursuit of its internationalist and corporatist agenda, the Fake News Media doggedly pursues every opportunity to besmirch his credibility. Turncoat Republicans join committed Democrats to disavow reasonable statements he makes prioritizing American interests over foreign interests. Yet, through it all, President Trump remains steady–oriented unfailingly in pursuit of the America First agenda,” they added.

The NYYRC is demanding that Republicans stand loudly and proudly in favor of Donald J. Trump for President, in order to unite the movement and put America First at the forefront for 2024.

“President Trump remains committed to American interests. While other politicians kneel at the altars of corporate money, acclaim from illegitimate globalist organizations like the United Nations, and radical wokeism, President Trump stands for our People unashamed and head unbowed. He is duty-driven by love of country; he aspires to unify, not to divide. We must stand with him to Save America from an elite corps of impudent snobs who will never put American interests first,” the NYYRC wrote.

“The New York Young Republican Club calls on Republicans at all levels of involvement–from voters to local party officials to federal elected officials–to proclaim loudly and with pride that they, too, stand with President Trump. Together, we will Make America Great Again and empower an executive able to realign this nation to its traditional core values, ensuring the American People’s prosperity far into the future,” they concluded.

Big League Politics has reported on Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida making a similar endorsement of President Trump in a recent op/ed:

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) recently penned an op/ed for the Daily Caller where he makes an eloquent case for why Donald Trump must be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024.

“I can rattle you off statistics about how much better America was two years ago. Gas prices were roughly half of what they are now. There was about a third less fentanyl crossing the border. We were also not on the brink of nuclear war with Russia,” Gaetz said.

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