The Number of Illegal Aliens Grew by 1 Million in Joe Biden’s First Year as President

There’s a humanitarian crisis at the Southern border, which the corporate press has conveniently ignored all of this time.

However, national populist and other ideologically adjacent outlets have exposed the Biden regime’s open borders agenda. And boy have their revelations been eye-opening. 

According to a report by Zachary Stieber of the Epoch Times, the illegal alien population in the United States has grown by 1 million during President Joe Biden’s first year as president. 

By 2021’s end, 15.5 million illegal aliens were living in the US, per estimates from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

Following his decision to repeal various immigration restriction policies that the previous administration of Donald Trump implemented, Biden watched the largest number of illegal alien apprehensions take place at the US-Mexico border. Nearly 1.9 million arrests of illegal aliens were made, which was a historical record for an entire calendar year.

“Massive numbers of illegal aliens are coming into the United States and they’re staying here,” Spencer Raley, research director at FAIR and author of this newly published report, said in correspondence with The Epoch Times.

Per this report, California is the state with the most illegal aliens at 3.2 million. Texas came in second place with 2.2 million illegal aliens. In third and fourth place, respectively, were Florida (1.1 million) and New York (1 million)

FAIR estimated that illegal aliens’ cost to American taxpayers was $143 billion, which represented a $9 billion increase from the previous year. 

The patriotic immigration reform group was able to calculate these figures by using Census Bureau data, specifically the total number of foreign-born residents who are assumed to be living in the US. 

Stieber noted that “After subtracting the total number of lawfully present immigrants, they add 30 percent to the total because of assumed underestimation.”

Biden regime policies have played an instrumental role in the increasing number of illegal aliens making their way stateside.  FAIR argued that the Biden regime “has effectively abolished” ICE and has hamstrung Customs and Border Protection’s ability to defend the southern border.

America’s ruling class is addicted to open borders. It’s one of the holy sacraments of the globalist order. 

To prevent the “election of a new people” —Democrat’s endgame with regards to mass migration — and the wholesale displacement of American workers, national populists must continue making a big stink about mass migration during the 2022 midterms. 

It’s one of the key issues of our time and it continues to be a major vote-getter. Ignoring immigration will make future candidates politically irrelevant, and worse yet, lead to the destruction of the Historic American nation. 

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