The Only Threat To Our Elections is the RADICAL LEFT. Here is How We Fix It

During the 2016 elections it was apparent that the globalists were pushing to deprive the people of the United States the most important right, the most valuable asset any American Citizen holds: OUR RIGHT TO VOTE. This was further reinforced when the sitting President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama promoted it claiming that illegal (or legal) immigrants would not be deported if they vote.

“When I saw this I was appalled that he would even say that, so at that point my vote went to Donald J. Trump even though I was a lifelong Democrat” said Joe Munchin of Wisconsin.

Advocating to ensure the integrity of our elections, the only actual right we have left  as American Citizens is indeed the last defense we have to hold onto our freedom.  Our right to free speech is being chipped away by terms like “safe environments” or actual zoning for “free speech” and a very expansive “hate speech” clause that grows every day making almost anything we say hate speech or discriminatory. One non-citizen of the United States on a visa voted and the court deemed that she was to be deported. Why? The law states that ONLY a US Citizen is allowed to vote and if any immigrant regardless of status votes in an election it is ILLEGAL.

A citizen right before the 2016 elections reached out to her Secretary of State Al Jaeger in North Dakota in June of 2016 asking why her husband a legal immigrant was on the list of approved voters. The response she received was incredible.

“We cannot exclude legal or illegal immigrants from our voter rolls.  This is a Title IV issue and having indications on their driver’s license or when they apply for one, asking them to tick a box would be considered discrimination” he said.

She then probed with another question “Considering that North Dakota has an e-verify process for driver’s licenses that also contribute to the FBI’s Next Generation Identification database. How can you say that their social security numbers didn’t come up indicating that they were stolen, fake or assigned to immigrant both legal and illegal.  The system does it itself?”

Al Jaeger has been Secretary of State for over two decades and his response was “It’s a Title IV issue and this FBI agreement doesn’t exist.” BLP reported that the state of North Dakota is the ONLY state that has over 14 MOUs (Memorandums of Understanding) in place reselling almost all aspects of privacy that the residents of North Dakota have, from pictures, to banking and even health. The Attorney General’s Office even lied about such a document we have already made public claiming it does not exist.

This demonstrates a collective effort of concealing information in general by the state in interests that are other than that of the people. They won’t make an effort to ensure voting integrity, not only in North Dakota but across the nation with the fear of discrimination.

“…it is difficult to pursue non-citizen voting crimes without verification measures in voter registration and a federal government that has expressed clear disinterest in combating the problem until now,” said PILF President J. Christian Adams.

The solution, when someone applies for a driver’s license their name is checked on the system with Social Security. Illegal immigrants granted temporary social security numbers and Legal Immigrants provided social security numbers as well as American Citizens’ are verified.  This is the way it has been happening for decades, so why can’t the software they use to print out or export resident data for voting EXCLUDE immigrants?  It’s a simple algorithm adjustment that I could possibly do myself, their names will simply NOT appear to be eligible to vote just in the same way driver’s license holders that are NOT of age to vote are excluded.  It’s a simple fix, so why won’t they do it?

Simply put- the democrats need the votes…




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