The Oregonian Shuts Down Comments Revealing Lesbian Domestic Violence Epidemic

Thomas Boyd

Today, the The Oregonian pulled the comments from an an updated story about the death of the Hart family, who was killed in a horrific car crash last week when their SUV plunged off of a cliff on the Pacific Coast Highway in California.

The bodies of Jennifer and Sarah Hart, a lesbian couple, and three of their adoptive children were found at the site. The couple has three other adoptive children who have not been found, but are presumed dead.

The crash, according to the police, was not an accident. The SUV which was completely stopped at a scenic overlook, suddenly sped up to 100 miles per hour before plunging off the cliff, according to data taken from the vehicle. There were no skid marks. The combination of this evidence has led investigators to believe that the van was intentionally driven off the cliff.

The Hart family gained a bit of notoriety when Devonte Hart, one of the couples’ six children, was photographed hugging a Portland Police Officer during a Black Lives Matter rally:

The Oregonian closed the comments section on its story after readers began sharing statistics regarding the domestic violence statistics in the lesbian community.

According to a UCLA study, upwards of 40% of lesbian couples report intimate partner violence, far higher than the rate reported among gay men and heterosexual couples.

In 2018, though, stating facts constitutes wrongthink, for which one will necessarily be de-platformed so as to protect the feelings of the sensitive masses. Heaven forbid an Oregonian reader becomes offended after reading facts.

Big League Politics reached out to the author of the story for comment, but received no response before publication.

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