The Package Sent To CNN Was Not Postmarked

CNN’s Jim Acosta revealed a photograph of the alleged bomb sent to CNN’s office, prompting an evacuation Wednesday while the network was live on air.

But the package, which authorities claim was delivered to the CNN office, did not have proper markings on it identifying it as sent mail.

The package addressed to “JOHN BRENAN” (sic) features stamps that have not been stamped by any post office, as the photograph clearly shows.

Here’s how the USPS explains a postmark:


CNN officials reported Wednesday that the package that arrived at CNN’s office was “delivered by courier, not mailed.”

This report came amid wide social media scrutiny of the photograph of the package, which CNN’s Jim Acosta shared. The package was not postmarked, and it was situated on a counter next to Clorox wipes.

If the package was delivered by courier, why did it have multiple stamps on it? Who was the courier? Who paid for the courier?

We will keep you updated on these changing developments as they continue to change.

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