The Right Pleads With Trump To Pardon A Man Who Rebuilt His Life After Prison

When Matthew Charles was released from Prison after twenty-one years, he did what many find trouble doing, he turned his life around. He found himself a steady job and a girlfriend, he began volunteering on the weekends. To every account, he was a model citizen.

But to a federal appeals court, his two years out of prison were a mistake. You see, Charles was originally sentenced to 35 years in prison, but his sentenced was reduced, resulting in him being released in 2016 after 21 years in prison.

Despite him spending two years as a model citizen, the federal appears court felt that a mistake was made, and that Charles should never have been released in the first place. This was done because he was originally classified as a “career offender,” making reduced sentences impossible.

Charles was originally charged with selling crack to an undercover police officer, and has acknowledged his mistakes, admitting that he was not a model citizen at the time of his arrest. But during his two years being released, he stayed out of trouble, and proven he’s a changed man.

Despite his proven change, he’s back in prison, and many people are furious. Specifically, people on the right have come in heavily in support of Charles. Dozens of high-profile individuals on the right have come out in support of Charles, asking President Trump to commute his sentence.

Here’s just a sampling of those calling for President Trump to grant Michael Charles a full pardon:

Along with an outpouring of support on Twitter, a petition asking for President Trump to commute his prison sentence has been started at

With such vocal support from those on the right, there is a good chance that President Donald Trump will choose to pardon Matthew Charles. After all, it was pressure from friends of his that led towards the post-human pardon of heavyweight boxer Jack Johnson.



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