The Root Politics Editor: ‘I Don’t Know That Northam Will Be Able To Survive’

The Root politics editor and MSNBC contributor Dr. Jason Johnson of Morgan State University said that Virginia governor Ralph Northam’s political fate is uncertain after Big League Politics published a medical school yearbook photo showing Northam and a friend in blackface and a Ku Klux Klan hood, respectively.

“I don’t know that Northam will be able to survive this kind of scandal because this probably won’t be the only thing that comes up,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s prediction is already coming true.

E.W. Jackson, Northam’s black opponent from the 2013 lieutenant governor race, said that Northam’s behavior is “consistent” when Northam refused to shake Jackson’s hand at their debate. (Watch The Video Here).

Northam’s nicknames at the Virginia Military Institute included the nickname “Coonman.”

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