The Russian Government Will Treat AUKUS & QUAD as Hostile Alliances

On May 23, 2023, deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council Dmitry Medvedev announced that the Russian state views several alliances such as AUKUS and the QUAD as hostile entities.

Medvedev told Russian media outlets the following:

It is quite obvious that some alliances and relations are neutral with regard to our country. We take part in certain alliances, for example ASEAN, as invited participants.

In this case, the former Russian president was referring to the ASEAN+ format.

“Some of the alliances being formed are almost unfriendly towards the countries of the region. This is how we see QUAD, AUKUS and some other alliances, connected with the creation of partnerships with extra-regional players. NATO has been trying to gain a foothold here,” Medvedev stated.

The former Russian president observed that NATO is starting to launch military activities in the Indo-Pacific region and Indochina.  

“Nevertheless, they have created similar alliances and are getting directly involved in destabilizing the situation here. This is very bad. We have also discussed these issues with our partners,” Medvedev said in a concluding remark.

The US and its satrapies in NATO are committed to expanding the military alliances’ influence no matter the costs. This time the deranged forces of the Collective West want to cause mayhem in Asia by having NATO spread its tentacles there. For the sake of world stability, perhaps Western policymakers should listen to their critics in the Russian government and stop trying to destabilize international relations.

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