The Saga Continues: Biden Regime Now Recommends Booster Shots

To the surprise of the sheeple of the human species and anticipation of the truth seekers, the Biden regime is now recommending those who are fully vaccinated get what might be a never-ending series of booster shots around eight months after they receive their full initial dose. The reaction from the public seems to be split into two camps: the “normies” regardless of party affiliation who studiously injected themselves with an experimental vaccine who are now very upset that their troubles are far from over and those who now get to tell them “I told you so”.

Indeed, most hospitalizations for Covid-19 (what actually matters) in Israel, according to The Epoch Times, have been of fully vaccinated individuals. But that is not nearly enough to prevent the stalwart members of America’s ruling class from not just codifying their desired beliefs into law, with New York City, as always on the Avant-Garde of dystopian progressivism, but also declaring any opposition towards their efforts to bring about a world where the common man owns nothing (but is somehow happier than ever) as a sign of burgeoning terrorist thinking warranting the full force of the police state to repress.

The amount of freedom the average person has been willing to cede during this whole affair is almost certainly surprising even the ruling class, who have since given up the pretense of seeing freedom as a positive. What might be even more disappointing is the insistence of many mainstream ‘conservatives’ to continue to abide by the left’s moral standards when framing their own arguments, including but not limited to making a case against vaccine passports because minorities have lower vaccination rates, making the Democrats once again the real racists. Just in case right-wingers were not nauseously aware of that already thanks to Dinesh DeSouza and his many documentaries.

It also does not seem likely that many conservative officeholders at the state and local levels will do anything meaningful to forestall the inevitable retaking of American civil liberties once the media has laid the groundwork for reinstating many covid restrictions. With a number of America First hopefuls already gearing up for next year’s primary season, RINOs might do well to listen a bit more to their constituents rather than their donors.

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