The Sillyness of ‘Conservatives’ and The Cultural Hegemony of The Left

The mainstream ‘conservative’ movement has consistently disappointed its base for many years, which unsurprisingly led to the meteoric rise of one Donald Trump for having the gall to warn the country of the perils of unchecked immigration. Indeed, the vast majority of Republican leaders on all levels of government and political organization seem to suffer from physical deformities seeing as how they lack the basic skeletal endowment of a spine, as evidenced by how they unknowingly or knowingly make arguments using the moral framework the left has set up over the last few decades.

One of the more recent and egregious examples of this has been their arguments against the validity of the covid vaccine. The main argument of the supposed leaders of the conservative movement against the push to vaccinate the adult population has been that these vaccines are experimental and not yet approved by the FDA. One of the key pitfalls in this argument is the implicit assumption that an FDA approval is what is crucially needed to validate a medical innovation.

This implicit assumption further assumes a critical degree of infallibility towards the FDA and its approval process. Because it isn’t as if the FDA has been bought out by the very entities that get approval for any new farcical drug they produce and shut their competitors out by making the approval process prohibitively expensive for them. After all, that would mean America’s regulatory system is corrupt beyond redemption and a massive overhaul to the entirety of the federal administrative apparatus is long overdue, which would, in turn, threaten the entrenched interests that inhabit the D.C. swamp. And we would not want to jeopardize the careers of people who leech of surplus value generated by the American people now, would we.

Another silly counter Conservative Inc. likes to make to appease their viewers and render them complacent with is the fact that vaccination rates are lower among minority communities and use this fact to equate the Democrats with Jim Crow afficianados. What they fail to realize (or realize but only care about ratings and not the country) is that they have yet again fallen into the left’s narrative that effectively demands special treatment for anyone with a darker natural complexion than Joe Pesci instead of insisting that everyone be treated the same regardless of how much they complain.

It is these very people in Conservative Inc. who are glad to see President Trump no longer in the White House. And yet, their voters largely wanted him to stay in. This diametric difference in objectives had led to increasing dissatisfaction amongst the Republican grassroots, with some of the greatest primary efforts seen to date. Given the political dynamics, this trend is set to gather even greater steam in the coming years.

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