The Supreme Court is Expected to Hear Arguments About States’ Big Tech Anti-Censorship Laws

In 2023, the Supreme Court is expected to hear a potentially landmark case that could impact free speech rights in the digital era. 

The case has its origin in Florida and has received support from Donald Trump and 16 other states. In this case, the Supreme Court will determine if individual states have the power to regulate content on social media platforms by prohibiting online censorship.

According to Dan Frieth of the Reclaim the Net, the arguments the states made can be found here.

One of the parties in the case, will argue that individual citizens have the right to exercise their free speech rights online. On the other hand, lawyers representing social media titans believe that companies have the right to exclude certain forms of speech as they see fit.

Social media censorship has been one of the most controversial issues in the last decade. It has only intensified in importance after former President Donald Trump was unpersoned from social media.

On top of that, the Masters of the Universe at Big Tech suppressed a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop in addition to content concerning the Wuhan virus’ origins and treatments for it.

At the end of the day, the states will have to assume Big Tech reform because DC is captured by a veritable uniparty that has no desire to pursue any meaningful reforms. Both parties are bought off by Big Tech and work to maintain the status quo in the DC Swamp.

The most substantial changes of our epoch will come from our laboratories of democracy i.e. state governments. It’s time that right-wingers start acting locally to save our great Republic.

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