OP-ED: The True Separation of Children From Their Parents is Not What You Think

There has been a lot of noise over the last few days from the media, from former Presidents’ wives, leftist Hollywood elites, and political opportunists of the lowest kind, about “poor migrant children, separated from their parents, and held in cages, like animals.”

Of course, only one of their cries are even remotely true, 5%-10% of all young illegals held are kept for their own protection while their law-breaker parents are being processed by DHS. Held generally for less than one day, they receive the first true meals in weeks, sleep in air condition comfort, play games all day, and more.

In other words, given benefits that 15 million of American children under the poverty level never see. Sadly, media has conspired to hide the only true family separations in this debate…that of Americans who have been violently killed by illegal aliens, our Stolen Lives Quilt souls! And I will openly debate anyone who challenges this truth.

But who are the true culprits who have led the American public like sheep to this current fake “crisis”?

Let’s start with the pro-amnesty cartel, Congressional Democrats, who have fostered open borders for over 50 years. Democrats have led the charge on seven amnesties since 1986, while denying us border security funding, thus, leaving our borders open to the worst of the worst of humanity. Consequently, and intentionally, millions of unvetted foreign nationals have streamed into our communities, where over 25% live lives of crime, including committing thousands of murders and many more thousands of drunk driving killings!

Next in line is the majority Republican Congressional leadership, bouyed by spineless GOP “moderates”, who have lied to Republican voters for years, telling us how they will save America from the Democrats if we would give them the majority of both houses and the Presidency. And, with the election of President Donald Trump in 2016, the GOP-controlled Congress was forced to reveal their hypocrisy: Their promises are lies, their failures are planned and they leave us no doubt that their enemies are the American people and their most hated of all is President Donald J. Trump.

So, while border funding is fake, the amnesty for up to 3.5 million illegals could become a reality. True immigration is replaced by mostly third world illiterates and, perhaps, by some “nice people” who have no problem breaking numerous U.S. federal, state and local laws by crossing illegally and then stealing American lives, property and jobs.

I blame activist Democrat federal judges, who rule the people through the dark lenses of the left, thwarting the will of the people by judging laws they dislike as unconstitutional. They so hate conservatives, and especially our President, that they place all Americans in grave danger by imposing their perverted political beliefs above the safety of citizens.

I blame state and local politicians who refuse to cooperate with federal agencies to enforce immigration laws. They have placed illegal aliens’ rights over citizens’ rights, reducing even serious, violent criminal offenses to misdemeanors, or dropping charges altogether to show their undying support of non-citizen invaders who rape, assault, rob and kill citizens they have promised to protect.

I blame the media, for its collective betrayal of their sacred duties to report the news accurately and for carrying the water for the Democrat Party, to whom they have pledged allegiance. They ignore the only true separation of families…the epidemic of killings of Americans by illegal aliens, our Stolen Lives.

Finally, I blame illegal alien invaders who voluntarily bring their children into harm’s way by foolishly trekking across foreign lands to illegally cross our border. Its they, not our laws, not our President, who cause theses separations. I have no sympathy for these parents, to whom I say, “Shame on you for the child abuse you have willingly inflicted upon your children. Go home to your country that takes millions, sometimes billions, U.S. aid and entices you to invade our country. We owe you nothing more than a bus ride to the border.”

That’s where I stand, solidly behind the peoples’ “America First” agenda, solidly behind our families who have been forced to forever endure the losses of their loved ones. I stand with our President, and am committed to continue the fight to expose the horrific killings by foreign national invaders, so that one day, we will have not one more Stolen Life!

Maria Espinoza was born into a family with a 5th generation Latina Texas mom and an Mexican immigrant father who “came over the right way, legally.” As a child, Maria and her 3 younger siblings spent their summers picking strawberries in the local berry patches, “competing with the Mexicans” as she says, under the watchful eyes of her mother. Years later, she would take this competitive edge to Abilene Christian University, TX, where she earned All-American status in the women’s 1500 meters.
As Co-founder and National Director of The Remembrance Project, she is nationally recognized as the foremost expert and advocate for families victimized by illegal alien killings. Maria has appeared on national TV and radio over 200 times on their behalf and has spoken across the nation in support of these families. She is the creator of the “Stolen Lives Quilt”, national banner of remembrance of images and names of those Americans killed by illegal aliens. An immigration policy strategist, Maria’s work has been featured in hundreds of national newspapers and magazines.

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